With No Trail Of Lights What Will You Do This Christmas?

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The Trail of Lights, a lights display in Austin,Texas, will not be happening this December so Austinites need another way to celebrate.

This weekend was Sights&Sounds in San Marcos, but if you didn’t make it out there how else will you celebrate?

I recommend taking a stroll around Austin to see the lights neighborhoods put up themselves or try a classic holiday party. Pick up a tree and some basic ornaments. Invite your closest friends to bring ornaments too and spend the night setting them up. Don’t forget the holiday music and drinks.

A note of caution be sure to assemble the tree ahead of time so your guests don’t have to!

Have any other ideas?


Harry Potter A Little Different This Time

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For the first time since the Harry Potter films were released Hogwarts is out of the picture. As Harry, Ron, and Hermione try to survive on the run from Voldemort the scenery is completely different then what most Harry Potter fans are used to.

When I walked into the theatre ready for the film to begin I was surprised to only find a few others in the room, but the film impressed me.

“Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows” Part 1 continues to go deeper into the dark and twisted world of dark magic. The whole film is dark from the beginning when the muggle studies professor is killed to Harry’s escape from a dungeon.

Overall the film was a great introduction to the end that is on it’s way in 2011. I recommend those who haven’t seen it yet to make a trip to. After the Harry Potter weekend on ABC we all should be ready for some magic.

Gingerbread Workshops At The ACM

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If you love to volunteer during the holidays look no further than the Austin Children’s Museum.

The ACM is a non-profit and is always looking for volunteers. The process is simple just go online.

This holiday season ACM is bringing back their Gingerbread Workshops. There is a lot of work to get done and this seems to be an incredibly popular holiday treat for kids.

There are workshops on the weekends and weekdays so there is an opportunity for everybody.

Come out and build a tasty treat!

Festival Of Lights Week

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This week St. Edward’s University has been celebrating the holidays.

The week of events began on Sunday with Advent Mass. Las Posadas was a success on Wednesday and tonight is the popular Festival Of Lights.

Check online for more event details and to see what else has been going on this week.


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I love waking up to reruns of “Frasier” on a Friday morning. I hope this brightens your Friday before finals as it did mine!

La Madeleine Offer Delicious Holiday Meals

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If it’s cold outside and your stomach is growling, the perfect place to go this December is La Madeleine, a great French restaurant chain.

The fireplace sets the mood as you enter through the front doors at the Brodie Ln. location.

They always offer great quiches and breakfast, but this season they have some holiday samplers. You can get either the ham or the turkey. The spiral ham sampler comes with a fresh veggies and mashed sweet potatoes. Be warned the sweet potatoes are very sweet, so if you’re not a fan try a different side.

Their desserts are a whole other story, but if you stop by make sure to check them out.

Need Decorations?

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It’s that time of year when people start spending hundreds of dollars on Christmas dinners, Christmas presents, and of course Christmas decorations.

Depending on how large your how is you may need to purchase an incredibly large Christmas tree. For those with allergies look ┬áno further than your local Garden Ridge. Garden Ridge, yesterday was offering great sales on their Christmas trees. Trees that were orginally 150.00$ were marked down to 75.00$. These were some great deals. Be sure to double check, I don’t know how long their sale is going on for.

There were trees of all sizes and colors. There were stockings, ornaments, and Santa statues everywhere. Garden Ridge always offers great deals, so head there first when you decide it’s time to decorate for the holiday season.