Las Posadas

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St. Edward’s University hosted a Las Posadas even tonight from 5:30 until after 8:00. This celebration took over the Mabee Ballrooms on the third floor of Rags.

Members of the surrounding community and St. Edward’s community were all invited. The tables were draped in flowly, brightly colored table clothes. The wreaths hanging on the doors were overflowing with colors and their were poinsettias everywhere.

The smell of tamales filled the room as a Mariachi band took the stage. Next it was the SEU dance team followed by the SEU Folclorico group.

The whole event was a great success, if you missed it this year, come out next December.


“Eat Pray Love”

•November 30, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I never finished the book “Eat Pray Love” and I deffinitely didn’t finish the movie.

As I was curled up on my couch over Thanksgiving break with my Jolly Joes, I was psyched to turn on Julia Roberts’ recent film about a divorced woman trying to find herself and God.

Even when I was walking through Blockbuster this film jumped out to me as just what I needed. Well, it was just what I needed to fall asleep.

The film began in a way I didn’t expect after reading a majority of the book. Julia Roberts played a plain character, Liz Gilbert, with no memorable characteristics. There was an excellent scene where Roberts convinces her good friend in Italy that it is okay to embrace a muffin top and buy some “big lady jeans,” but that was all I got out of the film.

It was just after this that I began to snooze. I suppose I hyped up the film a bit too much. I was ready to go on a journey with Roberts through Italy, India, and Bali, but I only made it to Italy.

I have plans to try and watch the film again, hopefully with a coke in hand.


Full Throttle Saloon

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For a whole year, “Full Throttle Saloon” gets ready for their famous Sturgis Rally. These 10 days are the only 10 days throughout the year that they make their money.

Michael Ballard the owner of this huge biker bar is the star of the show along with his girlfriend who is a struggling dancer.

This reality show revolves around the drama of getting more hot girl bartenders while battling the hot corporate venue setting up across the street from them. The Saloon didn’t want anybody taking any money from them, not even a famous band like Guns n Roses.

The show is a whirlwind of biker drama, from losing bartenders to screw up employees. If you’re ever awake with nothing to do around 12pm check it out reruns on tru TV.


Keith Urban’s Halftime Show

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After waking up from a nap with my stomach stuffed with Turkey, I hear my cousin slide in front of the television waiting for Keither Urban to take the field.

His shaggy brown hair and country style shined through during his halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were seen dancing on a two story platform in tiny boxes, reminiscent of a scene from the film “Chicago.” They did their twists and body rolls to Urban’s country twang with lights all around.

The performance was well done, but nothing spectacular. I wasn’t captivated by the cute country singer because by the time the set was over I had already fallen back asleep.

“The Kids Are Alright”

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“The Kids Are Alright,” kept me laughing the whole way through.

By the time the movie was over I was left wondering, “what was the point of this?” but it didn’t fail to hold my attention.

The movie revolves around a lesbian couple whose children contact their father (aka their sperm donor). The guy is not half bad until he starts hitting on one of their mothers (Julianne Moore). This sends the family into a whirlwind of emotion that can only end one way, with the sperm donor kicked out of the picture.

The lesbian mother duo is played flawlessly, and the concern for their children will get a few laughs out of the audience. It is definitely worth seeing.

Matt’s El Rancho

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If it’s a Friday night and Trudy’s wait is an hour minimum, head over to South 1st for some yummy tex-mex. Matt’s Famous El Rancho pairs a casual atmosphere with delicious tex mex. From burritos to enchiladas they have every entree you could even want.

The queso is nothing special, a little too cheesy for my taste, but the chips are large enough to fill you up before your meal arrives.So make sure to go slow.

Happy Thanksgiving

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For all of you food lovers out there I hope you gathered around a table somewhere today to enjoy hefty amounts of food.

Post your favorite Thanksgiving memory!

Mine was the year we added too much salt to the mashed potatoes until they were no longer edible. That’s what happens when you pop open too many bottles of Asti.